4th Street Fantasy…
continues June 16–18, 2017 in Minneapolis, MN

Writers' Seminar: Story telling in other mediums

Friday June 16, 9 AM to 3 PM

In this seminar, you'll spend a few hours with Holly Black, Ben Dobyns, and Larry Dixon discussing the differences between stories told in the novel/short story format and other formats such as movies, tv shows, games, stage production, etc. Regrettably, Will Shetterly will be unable to assist us as a lead at the seminar.

Lunch will be provided.

Registration for the seminar is closed.

The schedule for this year is likely to remain fairly fluid based on how the discussion unfolds and where the group is finding the topic and exploration of it interesting. A starting guideline looks something like this:

9:00 AMIntroduction and overview
9:15 AMMovie and TV Show
10:30 AMBreak
10:45 AMGames
1:30 PMOpen discussion
3:00 PMWrap-up and Thanks

Holly Black is the author of bestselling contemporary fantasy books for kids and teens. Some of her titles include The Spiderwick Chronicles (with Tony DiTerlizzi), The Modern Faerie Tale series, the Curse Workers series, Doll Bones, The Coldest Girl in Coldtown, the Magisterium series (with Cassandra Clare) and The Darkest Part of the Forest. She has been a a finalist for an Eisner Award, and the recipient of the Andre Norton Award, the Mythopoeic Award and a Newbery Honor. She currently lives in New England with her husband and son in a house with a secret door.

Larry Dixon careers in gaming, art, design, writing, comedy and film include the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit films, over 60 RPGs, creature design for Disney, worldwide acclaim as a creative pro, and almost 300 convention appearances over the past 36 years. His specialties are in collaborative work, especially in exploring unexpected, challenging connections in canon and continuity in series and franchises. Larry has been a rescue worker, firefighter, hotrodder, falconer, comics artist, race car driver, modelmaker and, with his wife, is a WEC, IMSA, and Formula One race official. He is fun, helpful, insightful, reliable, worldly, and surprisingly rich in potent antioxidants. Despite having the resiliency of twenty mortal humans, the fierceness of a gryphon, and the warrior-monk ability to put down scores of ninjas or demons at a time, Larry has known weaknesses to penicillin and bullets.

Ben Dobyns is a church organist by day and a jazz pianist for an erotic theater troupe by night. He also juggles passably well, had milk rubbed on his chest by a Jewish shaman in Mongolia, and was accidentally published in a fantasy anthology smack dab between Neil Gaiman and Charles de Lint. He makes fan-funded movies and series when he’s not obsessing about cooking projects and pivot tables. He’s won some awards and shit and once avoided death-by-porn-starlet on an island castle off the coast of France. One of his claims is a lie.