4th Street Fantasy…
continues June 16–18, 2017 in Minneapolis, MN

What is 4th Street?

The best conversation on the block brings together people who love quality fantasy fiction, the place for writers, editors, and readers to meet as equals to discuss their favorite topics. This isn't a place of hero worship, but one of shared appreciation for the art of creating and enjoying fantasy fiction. A unique convention at which the participants ARE the program with traditions that allow each member to participate fully.

Everyone was New Once

Everyone has a first time at 4th Street. For some of you it will be this year. For others it was almost so long ago you can't remember it. The nature of our event often means that we get to know each other very well and are happily catching up with friends we haven't seen since last year. Because so many who find 4th Street choose to attend annually, the gathering can be very family-like, complete with favorite restaurants, nicknames, and catch phrases. Although 4th Street is a tight-knit community, new voices are welcomed and encouraged. Please feel free to raise your hand, join a conversation, or ask somebody out to a meal. So if you are an old pro, say hi to someone new. If you are a new member, welcome. We're glad to have you.

Single Track Programming

Having only one panel at a time keeps anyone from feeling he might have missed something in The Other Room. Though the people chosen to lead the discussions on the panels are particularly well suited to speak on those specific topics, everyone has the opportunity to be part of the discussion as a whole, to add their two cents worth, to ask meaningful questions, and to open new roads of inquiry. Of course using common rules of courtesy allows the panel moderator to keep the discussion moving forward.

That's a Different Panel

Such enthusiastic exchange can often cause the conversation train to get off track. When that happens someone will cry, "That's a different panel!" to bring the group back on point. That diversion, obviously of interest to the gathering since the discussion went there, is not lost, but is added to a list which is revisited on Sunday to create the closing ad hoc panel.

The ConSuite

This hospitality space provides light refreshments and is the best place to continue conversations begun in the Program Room, to meet a new friend, or to renew relationships from years past. Every effort is made to provide for various dietary concerns and preferences such as lactose, sugar, or gluten intolerance. If you have particular dietary concerns, please help by letting us know.