4th Street Fantasy…
continues June 16–18, 2017 in Minneapolis, MN

Extra Events

Thursday night at 8PM our Opening Gambit for early arrivers is a Game Night. In past years we've had the room stocked by a wonderful volunteer, Kevin. He won't make it this year so we need to be self reliant. Please bring your favorite table top game and gather up stairs in the Orchard Room.

Throughout the weekend the ConSuite provides light fare and liquid refreshment. If you don’t tell us -- now is a good time -- about special dietary needs we cannot easily plan for them.

At meal breaks throughout the weekend, a set of Ambassadors are available for anyone looking for dining companions. If you are new and don't know where to start, this is the place. We are fortunate to have a good variety of yummy food within comfortable walking distance. Sharing a meal is a great way to continue the conversations.

Friday Dinner isn't on the docket this year unlike the past several years. So, this would be an excellent opportunity to join an Ambassador and join a group of people for an outing.

The Intermediate Writers Gathering returns for 2017. This is a low-key get-together for writers in that middlish phase between novice and pro. If you're looking for something beyond the usual beginner-level advice but don't yet count yourself as established, you might just be an intermediate writer. Come and hang out with like-minded folks, swap tips and tribulations, meet potential writing buddies, and generally have a good time. Look for us Friday evening after the last panel in the Orchard Room.

On Monday, as a bit of a post-con decompress and feast, a bunch of us wandered to have Fish at Sakura (350 Saint Peter St. in St. Paul) for lunch followed by a stop over at an ice cream shop. Printed directions were available, check the registration desk, otherwise isn't technology great?

Should you be interested in some spontaneous singing and music making, do it. The panel room is open after programming each night.

The Good Book Exchange is a designated space in Orchard for you to give and take as you relieve your bookshelves and edit your massive book collection for the betterment of all. Extra copies of favorites, or it’s-been-read-but-its-time-to-move-on titles, or I-really-want-to-share-this-with-you books were available to swap or give. Orphans at the end of the weekend are donated to an appropriate non-profit organization.

The Yarn Swap, much like the Good Book Exchange, is the place to bring orphaned skeins, yarn for projects you are never going to get around to, or other such offerings that are ready to move on to a new home. What isn’t claimed, or reclaimed, will be donated to a non-profit organization.

The Tea Tasting continues Saturday at lunch time along with appropriate fruit, cheese, and other snacks.