4th Street Fantasy…
continues June 21-23, 2013 in Minneapolis, MN

About the Hotel

Spring Hill Suites, Marriott
5901 Wayzata Blvd
St. Louis Park, Minnesota 55416
(952) 738-7300

We're very excited about the hotel. We think it offers a great combination of a convenient layout, many convenient food options, reasonable price, and other amenities. We've gotten a few questions, though, so here's some further information for those considering a hotel room.

1) Heads up... no restaurant or bar in the convention hotel

Ok, so that's not really a question, but it is a topic of some importance. Not having either of these is a mixed blessing. It means we have considerably more freedom when it comes to our own food and beverages, but it also means that we have to provide our own. As usual, the con-suite will provide the usual food and drinks (sorry, you'll need to provide your own alcohol). Additionally, there are quite a few yummy restaurants near-by that have become regular outings. If you're new to 4th Street, joining an outing to one of them is usually readily accepted, just ask.

As the expenses for the convention are significantly lower at a facility without in-house food and drinks, 4th Street can be self supporting without a major increase in registration rate.

2) What are the rooms like?

All of the suites are quite spacious with separate living and sleeping areas, wet-bar, mini fridge and microwave. The entire hotel has free wireless access. All suites have iPod docking stations.

3) Where are convention events happening?

We'll be using Elmwood I and II, which are directly off of the breakfast room as well as the corridor just through the lobby. The hotel website seems to lack a map.

4) Where's the smokers lounge? Is there any outdoors place to sit and talk?

There's a patio on the back side of the hotel. It has a bunch of chairs and a few round tables. After the day's programming is over, you will likely find some subset of the group out there smoking, having a drink, and generally continuing the fun. This year, the patio will be canopied and citronella candles there will provide ambiance and protection from mosquitoes.

5) Where's the ConSuite and what about breakfast?

Our primary Hospitality Suite is across the hall from the main room. It will have food, drinks, and a few tables, like always. Additionally, we've expanded into the 4 regular suites along that same side of the hallway to give us even more room to spread out, kick back, and relax. Cold drinks will be available in both the programming room and the hospitality suite.

A hot breakfast buffet with eggs, meat and make your own Belgian waffle station, as well as a variety of cereal and oatmeal; fruit, yogurt and granola; a variety of breakfast pastries, muffins, bagels; coffee, tea and juice. Daily offerings of eggs [hard cooked, and either scrambled, omelets or made for breakfast sandwich] and meat [sausage, bacon or ham] vary daily. Generally this buffet is offered only to registered guests of the hotel, but we have arranged to include all 4th Streeters.

The ConSuite choices will include the usual beverages, savories, tortilla rolls, and sweets.

If there is a gap in the offerings, you have special dietary needs that need to addressed, or you have a suggestion/request, please send us a note so that we can adjust the planning.

6) I live in the Twin Cities - I'm trying to decide between staying at home, and getting a hotel room. What should I know?

One thing many people enjoyed at last year's 4th Street were the music parties and patio conversations - which went late into the night. Having a hotel room means you don't need to drive home when you're tired.

More than that, though, it allows for a continuation of great conversation and at many more times. This hotel has a number of spaces to catch up with old friends, make new connections, or continue a discussion from a panel. And, of course, for introverts, having a hotel room means you can have somewhere to take a short break from those conversations when needed. The hotel also has a pool, hot tub, sauna, and exercise room, along with other amenities.