4th Street Fantasy Conversation…
continues June 24-26, 2011 in Minneapolis, MN

Fourth Street, Emma Bull's perspective

I want to tell you all to go to Fourth Street Fantasy Convention.

When I first went to a science fiction convention, my native guides assured me that no one went to programming. Now, the fact is, they were wrong even about the convention we were at, Minicon, and as a result, I missed opening ceremonies and the never-to-be-repeated spectacle of the Dancing Davids.

But Fourth Street is what happens when everyone goes to programming. A single track of it, so you're never torn between Jane Yolen and Patricia McKillip talking about new myths for old, and Terri Windling, Deb Notkin, and Tom Canty discussing the psychoactive qualities of fantasy.

In fact, Fourth Street Fantasy is a single conversation that starts on Friday evening and ends sometime on Sunday. The participants change over the course of the day and night, but each panel, each party, each conversation in the bar or the lobby or the hall adds to the members' accumulated knowledge and growing body of ideas and energy.

And it's a conversation, not a lecture. Small convention, smart membership, all of them interested in exploring the boundaries of fantastical storytelling, whether in literature, art, music, comics, or film. Discussing them interchangeably, all on the same panel, finding the things that unite the media of stories.

If I've made that sound highbrow and stodgy, I've done a bad job. Fourth Street is fun. The excitement of that three-day conversation, of being part of the voyage of discovery, is powerful stuff. And the people you'll be hanging out with are some of the most fascinating I've ever met.

Go. Have fun. Raise a glass to (temporarily) absent friends. I'll see you there next year!