All About 4th Street


    Con Chairs:
      Janet Grouchy
        By profession I am a teacher. By avocation I am a needle crafter. By nature I am a volunteer. At heart I am a wife and mother. Surrounding and underpinning it all I am a reader and writer. Two years ago my son told me excitedly about a fantasy convention he was attending. We have shared favorite authors and titles for years, so I was curious about his experience. The next year he insisted I go too. "Mom! You'll love it!" I did. So now here I am, co-chairing this egalitarian gathering of people who enjoy fantasy literature, care deeply about the genre, and aren't shy about expressing their ideas. It is a privilege.
      Tom Whitmore
        I started going to science fiction conventions back in 1968. I like working on them. I've helped develop the program for conventions as small as Potlatch and as large as Worldcons. I was a partner in a science-fiction and fantasy bookstore for over 30 years (I now do massage therapy), and I have been both a Worldcon Co-Chair and a Worldcon Fan GoH. 4th Street already has a tradition of a great program, mixing humor and seriousness in a wonderful way, and I want to contribute to keeping alive the art of conversation and discussion about fantasy and what makes it Really Good when it is. If that means we'll end up talking about what can make it Really Bad -- well, we'll go there too. My website is at
      Laramie Sasseville
      David Grouchy
      Paul and Stacy Naquin
      Ed and Melanie Nims
      Kit Gordon
    Music Moderator:
      Peggy O'Neill
      Karen G. Anderson
      Kit Gordon
      Brad Roberts


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