Jan 09


The pre-registration period for Fourth Street has ended. Big thanks to everyone who registered early, helping us to build the convention!

Memberships give you access to the convention for the entire weekend, it also includes brunch on Sunday.

Registration Hours & Location

Registration will probably be located on the first floor at a table in the space outside of the Courtyard rooms (where programming & dealers' room are); if it's not there, there should be a sign telling you where it is.

Beth Friedman, our head of registration says:

Registration will open around 2 pm on Friday and 9 am on Saturday. Length of hours will depend on amount of business — I reserve the right to close up shop and leave a sign that says "to register, find me in programming or grab me after the panel is over" if things are slow.

Yes, we're aware that the consuite and dealers' room are opening at Noon on Friday so will be open before registration is open. Dealers can pick up their badges from Daniel "Stitch" Mohr in the Dealers' Room. Folks will be able to pick up their badges on Thursday night at the work party/playreading, though we can't guarantee all the other registration materials will be available then.

If you don't have a badge or haven't yet purchased a membership and show up on Friday before Beth gets there to open registration, you're welcome to check out the Dealers' Room (once it's open) or help the folks in the consuite with setting things up (anytime after 10am or so).

Fourth Street will have at-the-door memberships available

We will offer $100 at-the-door memberships until we run out of room at the brunch. If you think you'll be needing a membership, purchasing it early will help us make sure we've got room for you. Thanks!

Memberships for children 12 and under are available for $40. Babes in arms get in for free.

(Since Fourth Street Fantasy Convention is a single-track convention with one on-going conversation stretching over the whole weekend, there are no one-day or partial memberships available.)

Our Members

We started accepting memberships in January 2009 and we have a list of folks who have registered on the website; if you prefer not to have your name listed as a con member on this website, please let us know.