Jan 09


This year's Fourth Street Fantasy Convention will be hosted at the Doubletree Park Place (1500 Park Place Blvd. Minneapolis, MN 55416) which was formerly the Sheraton Park Place. Some of you may remember this as the site of previous Fourth Streets – a number of people asked us to check it out again for this year. Our room rates are good from Wednesday, June 17th through Sunday, June 21st (including Sunday night).

Room Rates

Room charges (not including 6.9% sales tax or internet fees of $9.95 a day for in-room access - see below for programming space) are:

  • $109 for regular rooms ($124 for 3 people in a room, $139 for four): the hotel has both double/doubles and kings available.
  • $159 for suites ($174 for three people, and $189 for four). Suites include a pull-out couch.

You can reserve rooms online through our online reservation page.

Rooms may still available and the hotel may still honor our discounted room rate if you ask for it. If you reserve a room via any means other than our online reservation page, you should contact Jenett Silver so she can add you to our room block list. Jenett can be reached at jenettsilver@gmail.com or once the convention is underway someone can probably track her down.

What we like:

  • The Doubletree Park Place has great food options. Chinese, Indian, and a number of fast and chain food places are within easy walking distance or a short drive away. There's also a Costco next door.
  • Our layout puts the programming and dealer's room in the Courtyard rooms, with the consuite directly above on the 2nd floor (accessible by stairs and just down the hall from the elevator). Smoking consuite will be down the hall on the 2nd floor. Sunday morning brunch will be in a function space on the second floor.
  • Free and abundant parking.
  • Excellent amenities - there's a good hotel restaurant, a pool (minimal chlorine smell when we've been there), an exercise room, plenty of tables to hang out and chat at, and other good things. The hotel store is open 24 hours.
  • Free wireless for all con attendees (not just hotel guests) in the programming room. (in-room access is $9.95 per night, and wired).
  • Fridges (for medications, etc.) are complimentary: request one when you register so they can plan ahead.

Our main challenge: getting there

Access to the airport is a challenge, as there is no free shuttle to the hotel. However, it is accessible via light rail and bus; Magenta Griffith has offered to be our Transit Information Chair and has put together a page with information on how to get there.

We're very excited about working with the Doubletree Park Place.

Need more information?

We have more info available here which includes details on the spaces we're using at the hotel. If you have any other questions about the hotel that aren't covered on the front of our website or on the pages in this hotel section of our website (or on the hotel's website), please contact Jenett Silver, one of our hotel co-chairs.