Jun 09

Useful Info

   Posted by: Laurel Krahn

Getting There

Magenta Griffith's excellent instructions on how to get to the hotel are available on the website; folks may also comment with more info on that post or here on livejournal.

The Lay of the Land

Registration will probably be at a table in the hallway outside of the Courtyard rooms on the first floor. Programming will take place on the first floor in Courtyard rooms 1-4 (which will be merged into one big room); the dealers' room will be in Courtyard rooms 5 & 6 also on the first floor. The consuite will be in two adjoining suites on the second floor (rooms 226 & 227) which are above the Courtyard rooms; the smoking consuite will be in a room elsewhere on the second floor, and the brunch will be held in the Terrace Room on the second floor.

Confused yet? Have a look at a map of the first floor and a map of the second floor.


Registration will probably be located on the first floor at a table in the space outside of the Courtyard rooms (where programming & dealers' room are); if it's not there, there should be a sign telling you where it is.

Beth Friedman, our head of registration says:

Registration will open around 2 pm on Friday and 9 am on Saturday. Length of hours will depend on amount of business — I reserve the right to close up shop and leave a sign that says “to register, find me in programming or grab me after the panel is over” if things are slow.

Yes, we're aware that the consuite and dealers' room are opening at Noon on Friday so will be open before registration is open. Dealers can pick up their badges from Daniel "Stitch" Mohr in the Dealers' Room. Folks will be able to pick up their badges on Thursday night at the work party/playreading, though we can't guarantee all the other registration materials will be available then.

If you don't have a badge or haven't yet purchased a membership and show up on Friday before Beth gets there to open registration, you're welcome to check out the Dealers' Room (once it's open) or help the folks in the consuite with setting things up (anytime after 10am or so).


The programming schedule is online and now includes program item descriptions.

Most programming will take place in Courtyard rooms 1-4. The Brunch will be in the Terrace room on the second floor.

  • Friday: 3pm 'til 10pm or later with a dinner break from 6pm 'til 7:30pm.
  • Saturday: 10am 'til 8:30pm with a lunch break from 12:15pm 'til 1:30pm and a dinner break from 6pm 'til 7:30pm.
  • Sunday: 10am 'til 5pm. The Brunch, which is included in your membership, will take place between 11am and 1pm in the Terrace Room.

Dealers' Room

The Dealers' Room will be located in Courtyard rooms 5 & 6 on the first floor next to the programming room.


  • Friday: 12:00pm - 6:00pm
  • Saturday: 10:00am - 7:00pm
  • Sunday: 10:00am - 6:00pm

A consignment service for book sales is available on a first come, first served basis – check out the Dealers' Room page for more info.

A Fan's Gotta Eat

A restaurant guide is now available on the website. Thanks to Kit Gordon for putting this together!

The Sunday Brunch is included in your membership and will run from 11am 'til 1pm on Sunday; the brunch will be located in the Terrace room on the second floor.

Stay Connected

We've contracted with the hotel to have wireless internet access for our members in the programming and dealers' rooms (Courtyard rooms 1-6) from Friday morning 'til 9pm Sunday.

There's free wireless internet access available at the hotel. Hotel wrangler Jenett says:

The hotel provides free wireless to everyone in the public spaces: the front lobby, a large atrium (including the pool area) outside where programming will be. I've gotten access in the hotel restaurant and bar, but I don't know how far inside that space it goes. I've picked it up several times: it seems to be slightly slow, but quite functional. It does not include the consuite. (We figured people that desperate for 'Net can walk out into the atrium area…)

Weather & Traffic

Fourth Street Elsewhere Online

Members (and folks who wish they were at the con) will surely be posting about the convention in the Fourth Street Livejournal Community. Fourth Street also has an event page on Facebook. I (your humble webmaster Laurel Krahn) may tweet about the convention as @4thSt; if you have useful info or interesting observations you'd like me to post to our twitter account, just let me know. I may retweet some things other congoers are saying, as well. If you post pictures of the con or con-related activities to Flickr, please tag them "fourth street fantasy" so they're easy for us to find.

We have a Wiki and encourage you to post info and pictures to it. We've had some problems with spammers of late and also had some technical difficulties so had to restart the whole thing (seemed reasonable since there was so little content). If you created an account previously, you'll need to create a new one. At the moment, Laurel Krahn and Kevin G. Austin are the wiki administrators – if you're good with Wikis and want to join that team, let us know.

Jun 09

Schedule and Transportation Info

   Posted by: Laurel Krahn

The schedule is online and Magenta Griffith has provided info on how to get to the hotel.

Jun 09


   Posted by: Laurel Krahn

Our con chair Elise Matthesen posted information about the playreading event to the 4th Street Livejournal; be sure to check the comments on that post if you're planning to attend the playreading on Thursday as Laramie Sasseville put together a nifty PDF version of the play for folks to download and print.

May 09

Fourth Street at-the-door memberships available now

   Posted by: Laurel Krahn

The pre-registration period for Fourth Street has ended. Big thanks to everyone who registered early, helping us to build the convention!

We do still have some at-the-door memberships available. While we call them "at-the-door memberships," they can be purchased now – you don't have to wait until you're actually at the door at the convention. At-the-door memberships are $100. If you get one by June 11th, our registration person Beth Friedman will make sure you have a nice pre-printed badge, and we can make sure there's room for you at the Sunday brunch.

We will continue offering these $100 at-the-door memberships until we run out of room at the brunch. If you think you'll be needing one, doing it early will help us make sure we've got room for you. Thanks! (They will only be available online through June 11th, after that you'll have to take your chances at the con.)

(Since Fourth Street Fantasy Convention is a single-track convention with one on-going conversation stretching over the whole weekend, there are no one-day or partial memberships available.)

May 09

Hotel Reminders

   Posted by: Laurel Krahn

Some friendly hotel reminders from Jenett:

Still need somewhere to sleep?
The deadline for reservations under our room block is Wednesday, May 27th, 2009. If you plan to reserve a room, and haven't yet, please help us out, and do so before the deadline!

Already reserved yours?
Thank you! Please help us out by checking the following, too:

  • If you booked in any other way than through the hotel website link (which is available from our hotel page), please make sure that Jenett has your name to add to our room block list.
  • If you have any questions about your reservation (or whether you're on our list) please feel free to email to check: jenettsilver@gmail.com.

We're planning brunch!
As noted, brunch on Sunday is included in our registration costs, and we're working with the hotel's chef to provide a wide range of foods and tastes. We're already planning for vegetarians and vegans (and the chef has rave reviews on the vegan front), but if you have other food needs we should be aware of, please tell us soon! (again, jenettsilver@gmail.com for all your hotel-related needs.)

May 09


   Posted by: Laurel Krahn

Our list of folks who have purchased memberships has been updated. The deadline for registration is just five days away!

May 09

Programming, Hotel, and Dealers Info

   Posted by: Laurel Krahn

We have a page about programming which includes a note from Steven Brust and Beth Meacham (our programming co-heads), a list of panel ideas, and a form you can fill out if you're interested in volunteering to be on programming.

Dealers' Room
Our Dealers' Room page has info about the consignment service we're offering to authors coming to the convention. It also has the hours of operation for the Dealers' Room and how to get in touch with Daniel "Stitch" Mohr if you're interested in having a table in the room or having something at the consignment table.

Jenett Silver put together a helpful page with more information about the convention hotel. It tells you what spaces we're using in the hotel (and where they're at in relation to each other), plus has information about accessibility, amenities, and all sorts of stuff.

We've also added more folks to our list of members and will continue to add people as registrations roll in.

We've added some folks to our committee since anyone last nattered here on the website. Beth Meacham will co-head Programming with Steven Brust. Michael & Jean Mornard have signed on to run the consuite. Kit Gordon volunteered to investigate restaurants near the con hotel. Thanks to everyone who is helping make Fourth Street happen!

Apr 09

Fourth Street Flyer

   Posted by: Laurel Krahn

We now have a flyer for Fourth Street Fantasy Convention 2009 in PDF format which is suitable for downloading, printing, and distributing to friends and strangers at conventions and other places.

Apr 09

Social Networking and Feeds

   Posted by: Laurel Krahn

Fourth Street is now listed as an event on Facebook; if you spend time on Facebook, you should check it out. (Anyone have a good picture we could use with the event listing? For that matter, if you have pictures or art you think would look on the website, get in touch with Laurel. )

We've had twitter account since before last year's convention, but haven't done too much with it. We hope to post updates to it from time to time before, after, and during the convention. So far Laurel's been the one updating it.

There are now buttons on the website that link to us on Facebook and Twitter.

Do any of you post photos to Flickr? Did you post photos there from the previous Fourth Street? What tag did you use? What tag should we use going forward? We could link to Flickr and suggest a tag for everyone to use there.

You can subscribe to our website updates as a feed, get the feed via email, or read the feed as well as community postings on Livejournal.

Apr 09

List of members now online

   Posted by: Laurel Krahn

The list of folks who've registered thus far is now online. If you're listed and would prefer not to be or would prefer that your name be altered in some way, please let us know. If you think you're registered and you aren't on the list, please get in touch with us. (If you sent us a check in the mail this week, it's possible we may not have it yet, but anything older than that probably has been processed.)

The observant among you may notice that most of the committee hasn't registered yet. And lots of other folks who've indicated they'll be there haven't registered yet. While the pre-registration deadline isn't 'til near the end of May, it would help us a lot if people registered sooner rather than later. (Reserve a room while you're at it, too.)

Mar 09

We Want You!

   Posted by: Laurel Krahn

We could use some help in making another fabulous Fourth Street Fantasy Convention happen in 2009. Our chair Elise Matthesen is having some not-fun health issues that have derailed her a bit and of course all of us on the concom have jobs and families and other things taking up our time. We know that so far we may not have done our absolute best with making this con happen and we're sad we can't have Cory as our GoH this time around, but we're still confident Fourth Street 2009 can be a really good time . . . we just need your help to make it happen.

I know there are lots of people who attended Fourth Street last year who are very excited about the con and want to see it continue. I know there are some folks who couldn't attend last year, who'd love to go this year and might even be up to pitching in.

What You Can Do

  • Register! If you haven't yet pre-registered for the convention and plan to attend, please register as soon as you can. It helps us a lot to know how many people are coming to the con, we can also put the money from membership fees to good use in making the con happen. We're grateful to everyone who has registered already and we look forward to seeing you this June.
  • Spread the word about Fourth Street. Post about it to your blog. Tell your friends about it. Give registration forms to people you'd like to see there. We'll have a flyer for folks to download and print on the website soon – I'll let you know as soon as that happens. (If you're good at making signs or flyers, you could even try making one of your own and send it to us and if we like it, we'll use it as well.)
  • Make the consuite fabulous. We need someone to run the consuite (a.k.a. parties department). One very handy thing about doing it this year: there's a Costco pretty much just across the street (and there's a Byerly's just down the highway a little ways). If you aren't up to running the consuite, maybe you're up to helping set it up or tear it down? Or perhaps you can commit to spending an hour or two there making sure snacks and drinks get replenished? And of course we expect that when you're hanging out in the consuite, you'll clean up yourself and make yourself useful when you see something you can do to help out.
  • Send us your ideas for programming. Have you been thinking of something nifty we could talk about this year? Are there things we talked about last year (or many years ago) which should be revisited or expanded on? Who would you like to see on a panel at Fourth Street? Would you like to be on a panel?
  • Gather useful info. Update the Wiki. Gather info about restaurants near the con hotel. Round up details on which restaurants deliver to the hotel. Make a list of nearby stores and hours. Find out the pool hours or other hotel details. Sure, we have people who are working with the hotel and on our website, but we can always use help. What sort of things do you want to know about when you're attending a con? Tell us what you want/need to know and/or gather some info you think would prove useful and pass it along to us (or post to the LJ or Wiki).
  • Reserve a room. We know some folks can't afford a room or aren't interested in getting one, but if you're planning to get a room, it helps us if you reserve it sooner rather than later. And if you can swing a room, it can make the convention even more fun if you stay at the con hotel. Need a roommate? Post to our Livejournal and maybe you'll find one.
  • Suggest merchants and artisans for our Dealer's Room. Who would you like to see there? Would you like a table there? I hear we've got really good rates for tables and memberships for dealers.
  • Write something for us. Got something to say about Fourth Street or on a topic you think is of interest to folks who are attending Fourth Street? Write something and maybe we'll put it on the website or use it in our publications. If you've written something about the con in your blog or journal, we'd love to link to it and might even ask permission to reprint some or all of it.

Spread the word. Register. Make the consuite fab. Gather and share info. Reserve a room. Volunteer. Make suggestions. Pitch in. All that good stuff. It's gonna be a great con, thanks to you fine folks.

How can you get in touch with us? Use the contact form or post to the Livejournal (or make a comment there). Send email to feedback@4thstreetfantasy.com. Or contact folks on the committee directly.

[This was written by Fourth Street webmistress Laurel Krahn and wasn't approved by anyone else on the concom or anything like that. She hopes she got everything right and is confident people will correct her if she messed up.]

Mar 09

Important Announcement

   Posted by: Elise Matthesen

We regret to announce that Cory Doctorow will no longer be able to be the Guest of Honor at Fourth Street Fantasy Convention. The reasons why are complicated, but the biggest one is the way Fourth Street's current economic situation intersects with transportation costs and disability issues, since our cost-sharing and partnership efforts with other organizations have fallen through. Fourth Street hopes that we can host Cory at another convention some time in the future.

Because the convention is only three months away, and because replacing Cory just feels wrong, we're going to proceed without a Guest of Honor. Instead, we have the delight of conversation with all of our members – and after all, that's what Fourth Street is really about.

However, because of this change, we will be offering refunds to anyone who's already purchased a membership and would like one. If you purchased your membership on-line, you should be receiving an email offering a full refund within the next few days. If you do not receive one, please contact us.

Thank you.

Elise Matthesen,
conchair, Fourth Street 2009

Jan 09

Fourth Street Fantasy Convention 2009

   Posted by: Elise Matthesen

Please join us for Fourth Street Fantasy Convention (the best fantasy convention on the block!) on June 19-21, 2009 in St. Louis Park, Minnesota (if you're not a local, think of it as Minneapolis).

We're a small convention with a passion for fantasy and a penchant for fun. We have fascinating panelists and rousing discussions – and music in the evenings. Programming is a single track, which allows the entire convention to evolve into an ongoing conversation.

Is the Doubletree Park Place on Fourth Street? No, it's on Park Place Boulevard. So why is this convention called Fourth Street anyway? We're glad you asked. Fourth Street Fantasy Convention was on hiatus for a number of years. Its return in 2008 was so much fun that we couldn't resist bringing it back again in 2009.

We don't know yet what programming will bring, but some of the fantasy will have a techie flavor. And with the fabulous folks we know are coming back, the conversations will be rich and varied. We never have to worry about finding material for the traditional Different Panel (as in, "… but that's a different panel") held near the end of the convention.

The Doubletree Park Place in St. Louis Park had a previous life as a Sheraton, with a different floor plan and a different logo. The one thing we hope will be the same is the same warm welcome and comfortable surroundings that made it our favorite Fourth Street hotel ever, back in the old days.

New this year: Sunday morning brunch is included in your membership, so please do plan to attend. We promise not to start it too early for our night owls, but we hope to have food so tempting that even Steven Brust will want to get up for.

The conversation and the fun will be better if you're there. You know they will.