Fourth Street Fantasy Convention Cancelled

The Fourth Street Fantasy Convention committee regrets to announce that we have cancelled our 1996 convention, previously scheduled for July 19-21.

Checks sent to us for registrations will be returned uncashed. We will make a mailing to the out-of-state portion of our mailing list announcing this, and take other steps to reach our local constituency. Please mention this to anybody you think was considering going to Fourth Street this year, we don't want people making the trip for nothing!

Update 9-Jul-96: the checks are in the mail. No, really! And we mailed a postcard announcing the cancellation to the out-of-state portion of the mailing list about a month ago.

The main thing that convinced us to take this step was very low advance registrations. No irrevocable decisions have been made about possible Fourth Streets in the future.

Reaching Us

Fourth Street Fantasy Convention
4242 Minnehaha Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55406



The Committee

Martin Schafer, chairman & treasury; Steven Brust, programming emeritus; Charmagne, parties;
Elizabeth Cooper, hotel;
David Dyer-Bennet, publications;
Beth Friedman, registration;
Patrick Nielsen Hayden, programming;
Teresa Nielsen Hayden, programming;
Laurel Krahn, publicity.

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